President Eisenhower's Granddaughter Endorses Obama

I have said this many times.  That today's Republicans and some of those who support the GOP would never support Reagan or Eisenhower.  In fact some would be calling them communist sympathizers and socialists.

We have spoken about former Reagan officials who have supported President Obama, add in to the mix General Colin Powell and also Barry Goldwater's granddaughter, but now Susan Eisenhower, the grand daughter of a great Republican President, Dwight D. Eisenhower has once again endorsed Obama.

Back in 2008, she endorsed him and now on  her own website she has come out and announced she is supporting him again.

In the last four years, and despite the global downturn, America has come back from the brink. While pain is still being felt in far too many sectors of the economy, from a macroeconomic standpoint the situation in the United States is better than it is among our allies.

According to the International Monetary Fund, today the United States is poised for 3 percent growth, which would make our economy the strongest of the other richest economies, including Canada and Germany.

Other influential studies, cited in a recent column by Fareed Zakaria, show that debt in the U.S. financial sector, relative to GDP, has declined to levels not seen since before the 2000 bubble. And consumer confidence is now at its highest levels since September 2007.

The housing market is also slowly coming back. While there is still an enormous amount to do to assure a recovery, the president deserves credit for a steady hand during this dangerous and unpredictable time.

Barack Obama’s record as president has not been perfect, and there have been frustrations for all of us during this time. Nevertheless, I believe that he deserves four more years in the White House. If the voters on November 6 give him that chance, we should expect and demand, if necessary, that members of both parties work closely with him to find a way to avert the “fiscal cliff” and other pressing and possibly destabilizing problems.

 As I said in 2008 and will say again: “Unless we squarely face our challenges as Americans—together– we risk losing the priceless heritage bestowed on us by the sweat and the sacrifice of our forbearers. If we do not pull together, we could lose the America that has been an inspiration to the world.”

Apart from what the radicalists on the right have said, President Obama is not a socialist.  He is actually more in line the the OLD Republican party.  The party of Eisenhower.  It is a shame how insanely radically right the Republican party has moved.

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