Portsmouth Herald: Hassan is best for N.H.

The Portsmouth Herald today endorsed Maggie Hassan for governor. "While Ovide Lamontagne impressed our board as a good and decent man," they wrote, "we respectfully disagree with him on almost every major issue that will likely reach the governor's desk." Here's the Herald's shortlist of issues on which Gov. Hassan would serve as a check against "radical and destructive" legislation: right-to-work, abortion and contraception, same-sex marriage, guns, health care, voter ID and public education.

The governor in New Hampshire exerts influence through the veto and the bully pulpit. During the last legislative session, Gov. John Lynch was able to stop some of the most radical and destructive pieces of legislation through veto threats and actual vetoes. As governor, Maggie Hassan would play a similar role, serving as a check against Republican legislative excesses.

In his endorsement of Hassan this past week, Gov. Lynch said, "Maggie Hassan is the leader we need to keep New Hampshire moving forward - creating jobs, ensuring our kids get the best education possible and keeping New Hampshire a business-friendly state with no sales or income tax."

Maggie Hassan is clearly the best choice in this race to succeed John Lynch, who, in our view, was the ideal New Hampshire governor. On Nov. 6, vote for Maggie Hassan for governor to keep common-sense leadership in our state's top executive office.

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