Poll: Who Will Win the HD-22 GOP Primary?

With the primary election drawing to a close, Republican Justin Everett appears on track to win his party's nomination for the House District 22 seat over Loren Bauman. Registration in the south Jeffco district so incredibly favors Republicans, of course, that winning the GOP nomination all-but ensures election to the House in November.

Still, Everett's earned a nasty reputation for rubbing people the wrong way. He's never won an election before -- despite several tries -- and although he claims to have small business experience, his opponent has substantially more. His motives for seeking the HD-22 seat have also been questioned: it's clear that Everett desperately wants a title in front of his name, and while he's built strong ties through neighborhood organizations, he appears more motivated by ambition than any desire to give back to his community. Not to mention the fact that he doesn't own his own home and lives with his parents.

Loren Bauman, however, simply has not raised enough money to air any of those criticisms. If Everett loses this election, then, he can only blame his own abrasiveness.

Who do you think will win the GOP nomination in HD-22? As with all member polls we present ahead of elections, we are not looking for your personal preference: we want to know who you realistically believe will win tomorrow.

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