So Much for Rebranding: NM GOP Official Calls a Teenage Wage Advocate 'Radical Bitch'

How's that rebranding effort working out for you Republicans?

As reported by Think Progress, Steve Kush, the executive director of the Bernalillo County Republican Party, decided to weigh in on the testimony of 19-year-old girl advocating a $1 raise in New Mexico's minimum wage, from $7.50 to $8.50.

Did Kush post statistics showing how an increase in the minimum wage could harm small businesses? Did he trot out old Republican lines about the free market and competition?

Nope. Kush decided to log onto Twitter and call the 19-year-old a "radical bitch." Check this out:

He didn't stop there. He also logged onto Facebook to deploy a deft strategy mixing sexism and crude insults:

Kush referred to Commissioner Maggie Hart Stebbins as “gestapo” in another post, according to the New Mexico Telegram.

“Gestapo leader Hart Stebbins reduced comments to 1 and a half mins,” Kush wrote. “Anything to suppress opposing views.”

According to New Mexico Watchdog, Kush as been suspended indefinitely for his comments, admitting, “I absolutely crossed the line. It was dumb; it was stupid.”

Watch the news report from local affiliate KOP:

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