Cory Booker Stumps for Shelley Adler

If Shelley Adler is to win her congressional race, she needs to ensure that her base goes to the polls on Election Day. To that end, the Adler campaign brought in Newark's popular mayor, Cory Booker, to appear at a rally at the Willingboro Senior Center.

About 200 people, mostly seniors, came to hear Adler and Booker.  Adler spoke briefly - she didn't need to promote herself. After all, the audience knew well that her opponent, Jon Runyan, is no friend to senior citizens. And the crowd was there to hear the rock star mayor of Newark. Booker didn't disappoint.

Hizonner spoke extemporaneously for over a half hour - he was part preacher, part stand-up comic, part motivational speaker, and part poet. The audience remained engaged throughout as Booker invoked the late Michael Jackson in describing how the GOP does its forward-appearing but backward moon walk. Booker talked about how "sedentary agitation" helped elect Chris Christie three years ago. He talked about how Newark is the wine capital of America. And lots more.

Booker's remarks start at about the 9 minute mark in the video.

Dave Levinsky's reporting on the event is here.

Disclosure: I do canvassing for the Adler campaign.

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