B: TX Congressman Canseco Pretending He Doesn't Oppose DREAM Act

Republican Quico "I Hate Cops and Firefighters" Canseco took a break from voting against first responders to refuse to say if he supports President Obama's decision to halt the deportation of DREAM Act eligible immigrants. It's an appalling and utterly unsurprising show of cowardice from Canseco, who is obviously too busy hobnobbing with lobbyists to worry about the real lives of residents in his district wondering what he'll do to secure their futures.

Canseco applauded Sen. John Cornyn for voting against the DREAM Act in 2007, sending out a press release entitled "Bad DREAM Over For Now."

Today, it looks like Canseco is getting nervous about his past statements opposing the DREAM Act. According to the Dallas Morning News, Congressman Canseco "hasn't responded to interview requests or directly addressed Obama's plan." Canseco, whose district is 66.6% Hispanic, has also declined to comment on the DREAM Act in radio television interviews.

In response, Texas Democratic Party spokeswoman Rebecca Acuña released the following statement:


"Quico Canseco's silence can be easily interpreted. Quico Canseco has always been opposed to the DREAM Act, which would help hundreds of thousands of young Texans caught in legal limbo. Canseco applauded Senator Cornyn for his vote against the DREAM Act, and today is running and hiding from President Obama's moral and common sense approach to helping young people.

Canseco is more concerned with standing up for the extremists in his party than in doing what's right for the children in his district."

In Texas, 238,000 students could have the opportunity to adjust their status through the DREAM Act. We have the second highest population of DREAM Act beneficiaries in the country. It's shameful that Quico Canseco cares more about currying favor with the rabidly xenophobic Republican base than helping hard-working students in his district have a more secure future.  

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