B: AL Baldwin County Commissioner Concerned About EPA and United Nations Takeover

After a raucous meeting of the Baldwin County Commission where the burning topic of the hour was boathouses (seriously), a University of Alabama constitutional law professor said it best: "There are two lessons to be learned here: public policy shouldn’t be made by conspiracy theorists and some folks need to stay off the Internet." GOP unicorn police

Baldwin County Commissioner Frank Burt was the head unicorn hunter at a meeting held last week and he managed to excoriate the Army Corps of Engineers, the EPA, Alabama Department of Environmental Management, and... the United Nations.  I'm sure President Obama's name was tossed about too, but the reporter didn't mention it.

In a political commentary that sometimes seemed like a tent-revival exhortation, Baldwin County Commissioner Frank Burt held forth for more than 20 minutes Tuesday on the evils of a 1992 United Nations initiative known as Agenda 21 that he characterized as a threat to U.S. sovereignty.

"We are all for protecting the environment," Burt said, "but this is something that has seeped in amongst us. I don’t think we need the United Nations to tell us what to do."

He said, "We’ve got the EPA taking over the country. If the Senate approves (Agenda 21), they can come into New York City or wherever a raindrop falls and tell us what to do."

According to Commission Chairman, Bob James, Burt's wild assessment had merit:

"This country used to be easy enough for a caveman to understand," James said, a reference to a Press-Register editorial cartoon depicting James and Burt as cavemen for refusing to grant a school board request for a tax referendum. "People need to wake up and take this country back." 

We don't know about cavemen, but it is pretty clear that the problems facing this country - and the particular problems of state and local governments - are way too complex to leave in the hands of the GOP/TEA Party tinfoil hat crowd.

Curious now about the sordid nature of "Agenda 21?"  Read about it at the United Nations Web site.  Hey, anything that 178 countries agree on must be a conspiracy, right?


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