America's Worst Mayor

Yesterday I suggested that Troy, Michigan's mayor Janice Daniels was the Worst Mayor in the World.  Today I need your help removing this intolerant, ignorant and incompetent mayor from office.  
Recall Janis Daniels, Donate Now to stand against Intolerance... on Twitpic She told high school kids of a Gay Straight Alliance club that being gay was a "dangerous lifestyle".  She posted on facebook, "I think I am going to throw away my I Love New York carrying bag now that queers can get married there" earning her a spot as Olbermann's Worst Person in the World and much much more.
We got her up for a recall but we need about $2,000 for one last absentee mailer.  Can you please help? Many small donations can make a big difference especially if we get a few $25,$50 or $100 donations too.  If you support Marriage Equality, dislike the Tea Party and what MLK Jr. called "sincere ignorance", or want to strike back against politicians like Scott Walker in Florida who tried to stop stimulus spending from saving our economy, Donate Now!

The recall election is during the November Election so we have an excellent chance to remove her from office.  She was elected with ~30% turnout.  This time around it should be twice that.
Her anti-liberal policies have actually made our economy worse.  Please stand with your friends in Troy.  The liberal / progressive and Democrats and moderate Republicans have been working as hard as we can.  Can you help us get over the finish line?
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Thanks for your consideration!
- A.L.L. 
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