An open invitation to Rep. Holder-Winfield

Dear Representative Holder-Winfield,

This is an open invitation to visit my school. We are all doing the best we can with minimal resources . We teachers are always open to suggestions as to how to improve. My question to you is why do you want to undermine us?

I notice that you support the reconstitution of low-achieving schools into charters.

I'm sure my school would be on the list. I'm a Bridgeport special education teacher, and under your premise my students would not be welcomed in one of your new schools (and I probably wouldn't be, either - I'm too tenured).

So if you plan to reconstitute Connecticut's Network schools, where do you plan to send these kids over the long term? I would ask that you visit a Network school and let us know why you would like to see us remade, and your plan.  
Charter schools can cherry pick their students; a luxury we don't have. So please don't rely on their promises to influence your position.

Additionally, why should I bargain with you outside of the protection of  my union?  

The caucus position paper also called for the commissioner's network schools to engage in "impact bargaining," which would allow teachers to bargain working conditions such as longer school days outside of their larger contract.

Also, it looks like you may be talking out of turn. Have you asked these women for their opinions yet?

However, Rep. Toni Walker and Sen. Toni Harp, also of New Haven, told reporters that they're not entirely on board, and that the document Holder-Winfield gave the media was never voted upon by the 19 members of the caucus. The two Toni's said they agree with many of the concepts outlined in the document and believe most of it is included in the most recent draft of the bill. However, they pointed out that the Black and Puerto Rican Caucus were not working off the most recent draft of the bill.

If so, what did they have to say?

So, in conclusion, Al knows how to reach me. Please let me know when you are available. Thank you for your attention to this matter.



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