Obama's Big Bird Ad

The Obama campaign has issued a brilliant ad capitalizing on Mitt Romney's debate promise to cut Big Bird.


 Watch it here


My analysis after the jump.

 This ad is effective, humorous, and good politics, but it is also fundamentally dishonest.  It is extremely good politics, since the majority of voters view PBS favorably, and are opposed to defunding it, and I am sure that it is getting traction on the campaign trail.  The problem for me is how the ad juxtaposes the "gluttons of greed" with Big Bird.  I have no problem with Obama going after Romney's taxes or his stewardship of Bain.  I have a problem with the Obama campaign portraying Obama as being the second coming of Eliot Spitzer.


The ad lists Bernie Madoff, Ken Lay, and Dennis Kozlowski.  Two were prosecuted under the Bush Department of Justice, and Madoff turned himself in and pleaded guilty before Obama's inauguration.  So how many prosecutions has Eric Holder and the DoJ prosecuted of Wall Street corruption?


Zero.  That's right. That's a heavy price to pay for those "Masters of the Universe" who destroyed nearly a quarter of our wealth and precipitated a financial crisis that left millions of innocents unemployed.


Hell, he hasn't even prosecuted the most egregious crook of them all, former Democratic governor and Senator from New Jersey and big time democratic fundraiser Jon Corzine. In a piece entitled, Jon Corzine is the Original George Zimmerman, Matt Taibbi wrote:


But MF Global is different. This is not complicated at all. This is just stealing. You owe money, you don’t have the cash to cover it, and so you take money belonging to someone else to cover your debts. There’s no room at all here for an argument that this money was just lost due to a bad investment, an erroneous calculation based on someone's poor understanding of a complex transaction, etc. It’s straight-up embezzlement.

 Apparently for financial crimes, the burden to even investigate is quite high, unlike the standard for the rest of us.

 Matt Taibbi sums it up with the conclusion of his piece:

It would be one thing if this was a country with a general, across-the-board tendency toward leniency for property crime. But we send tens of thousands of people to do real jail time in this country for non-violent offenses like theft. We routinely separate mothers from their children for relatively petty crimes like welfare fraud. For almost anyone who isn’t Jon Corzine, it’s no joke to get caught stealing in America. But these people stole over a billion dollars, right out in the open, and nobody is doing anything about it. Instead, we get a lot of chin-scratching legislative hearings, and an almost academic-style public discussion about whether or not a crime even took place. If there aren’t arrests in this case soon, ordinary people will correctly deduce that it simply isn’t a crime to steal in America, if the thefts are executed with a computer by white people.


How is it that a charismatic candidate who walked with the strikers when the cameras were rolling at the Congress Hotel over five years ago turn a blind eye toward Wall St. corruption?


Check out this comment from past.


Does Obama have "an intense interest in economic justice..." as Alan argued or is he just another Neoliberal committed to removing impedments to capital formation who has been corrupted by his dependence upon campaign contributions from the moneyed class?

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