News Roundup & Open Thread for Wednesday, Jan. 9, 2013

Today's Morning News Roundup is brought to you by colonoscopies and cockroaches, thanks to Republicans determined to gridlock government.

Gov. Christie 2013 State of the State

  • Christie speech focuses on Sandy - and almost nothing else.

  • Barbara Buono: Chris Christie Left Economic, Gun Issues Out Of State .

  • Text of Christie's speech.

  • Christie Hiding Behind the Fleece Coat.

  • Hold Christie accountable.

  • State of the State debate previews upcoming governor's race.

  • Christie using bipartisanship as political strategy. Stile

  • Christie's magic still strong despite N.J.'s miserable economy. Moran

  • Analysis: Christie's State of the State a shortage of detail and an absence of initiatives. Reitmeyer

    *** I claim this roller coaster for Queen Isabella! Or something. ***


  • Can Christie save the GOP? Milbank, Washington Post

  • How Christie went off the rails. National Review

  • Christie to headline Chamber of Commerce D.C. event.

    Tweet of the Day

  • Goes to Jim Griffin at Sen. Buono's campaign, responding to NJTV reporting a "lack of viable candidates" to oppose Christie.

    Ah yes, the real constituents

  • Business leaders like what they hear from Christie.

    Healy political aide suing Jersey City school district over Fulop emails

  • A political operative working with Mayor Healy's re-election campaign is suing the city's school district, alleging it violated state law by not handing over emails between school board members and Healy's foe Steve Fulop.

    52 Paulsboro residents filed a lawsuit against Conrail

  • Affected by the "toxic cloud" of toxic vinyl chloride after freight cars fell into Mantua Creek Nov. 30, plaintiffs say they suffered from chest pains and coughing fits.

    Sandy Recovery

  • New Belmar boardwalk won't be made of rainforest wood.


  • Percentage of NJ mortgaged homes in foreclosure = 7.7%.

  • N.J. college students to rally for lower tuition for illegal immigrants.

  • #1 in outmigration: Remember when Republicans said New Jerseyans were leaving the state because of Corzine? Must be because of Christie now, eh?

    NJ court won't stop Christie ouster of prosecutor

  • Two NJ judges say they won't reverse Gov. Christie's decision last month to oust Morris County prosecutor Robert Bianchi.

    Missed this yesterday ...

  • Charlie Stile:  Democrats mired in state of confusion - about how the 3 senators in the video above answered press questions about where the party's going.

    Christie to Buono: See you on the road.

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