News Roundup & Open Thread for Thursday, Nov. 8, 2012


  • What some of your Jersey neighbors went through - to vote.

    "As the only professional theater organization in Camden, we need to tell Camden stories"

  • Community, race and politics - as theater. (Riordan)

    What do you think?

  • Cory Booker to decide soon whether he'll challenge Chris Christie for Gov. seat.

    Where are the Women?

  • Who are the women who can effectively challenge incumbents - in either party?


  • Stile: Can Christie win back GOP's favor?

  • Christie deflects heat that he cost Romney the election.

  • Shoots down question at press conference.

  • The Atlantic: Christie backlash machine revs into high gear.

  • Conservatives blaming Christie for Romney's loss.

  • Rips Romney staffers, who he says questioned his loyalty to GOP ticket.

    Weinberg: "I still don't believe we should put civil rights onto a referendum"

  • N.J. gay rights advocates aren't looking to put marriage up to vote.

  • Star-Ledger editorial: Time for N.J. to vote on gay marriage.

    No blue state stuck by Obama like New Jersey

  • Jackson: NJ the only state in the country where Obama won 4 years ago and garnered even more support this year.

    House Races

  • Incumbency and money.

    The vote

  • Election officials have no answers yet on how emergency voting plans worked.

  • GCN: N.J. voting extension exposes email can of worms.


  • N.J. sees record-low voter turnout in wake of Hurricane Sandy.

  • Switch to November ballot boosts school-election turnout.

  • Jury still out on whether November school elections were a success in N.J..

  • Storm-delayed votes by hurricane victims, first-responders won't be counted until tomorrow.


  • Moody's maintains utility credit ratings, despite soaring restoration costs; Lower ratings could make it more expensive for utilities to borrow money, a cost ultimately passed on to ratepayers.

    Still cold, and looking at 10th day without electricity

  • With parts of Somerset County still in the dark, residents and officials demand answers.
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