News Roundup & Open Thread for Thursday, Jan. 24, 2013

Annoying fact: It is colder in Flemington, New Jersey than in Anchorage, Alaska.

Waiting/forgetting/not knowing which to do

  • Some politicians, well, they need a To-Do List.

    Lautenberg is not a king, and he does not own the seat.

  • Star-Ledger says it's Lautenberg, not Booker, who deserves a 'spanking'.


  • Discount "Support the Shore" travel packages hit the market.

  • Christie riding high, but revenues could be better.

  • Homeless in Hudson County will be counted, needs assessed next week.


  • Codey, encouraged by D.C. meetings, close to decision on run.

  • Jersey City Mayoral Race: Healy leads in fundraising in fourth quarter.

  • Christie in extremely strong re-election position.


  • Paterson mayoral field gets crowded, with election a year away.


  • Is Christie ready to tackle Hillary in 2016?

    Chivukula says BPU's failure to audit state's utility every 3 years is "troubling, given JCP&L's performance during the last two hurricanes"

  • Chair of the Assembly Telecommunications and Utilities Committee says unable to get clear answers regarding the board's auditing processes.

    Accusing the state Health Dept. of "intentional sabotage" of the medical marijuana program

  • Two suffering patients - one who died before medical marijuana became available in NJ will ask a Superior Court judge today to order sweeping changes to make the drug more accessible to those in pain.


  • Stile: Christie passes on chance to take a stand on gun control.

  • Mulshine: Christie went too easy on NRA's hired gun.

  • Q-poll: 58% of NJ respondents want stricter gun control, but 50% also want armed guards in schools, called for by the NRA after Newtown.

  • Lautenberg introduces bill that would make it illegal to manufacture or sell a magazine that contains more than 10 rounds.

  • Runyan organizing BurlCo summit on gun violence.


  • NJ Charter School Circus: LEAPin' Lizards!

  • Charter Schools Are Awesome!
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