News Roundup & Open Thread for Friday, Sept. 28, 2012

And then he's going to take his ball back and stamp his feet and spit

  • Christie vows to veto spending bills until Democrats pass tax cut.

    U.S. Department of Education getting into the NJ charter schools biz

  • $14.4M to charter school management organizations nationally, including into NJ.

    Quick! Guard your marriage!

  • Gay guys kissing! Montclair couple's engagement picture manipulated into a homophobic campaign piece.


  • Maybe it's cuz Christie's dog likes hanging his head out the State Police copter.
  • It may soon be harder to abuse the farmland assessment tax break.
  • Bills on emergency responders, sentences for child rapists advance in Assembly.
  • Assembly panel passes bill to create a Council on Responsible Fatherhood .
  • Environmental Infrastructure Trust - extended to roadways?
  • Despite constitutional questions, bill allowing some domestic-violence victims to testify by remote camera advances.

    2 months after his arrest, Asm Schroeder returns to State House

  • Arrested for passing nearly $400k in bad checks, he's mum on his legal situation.

    Campaign 2012

  •'s interview with Bob Menendez.
  • NJ Environmental Federation endorses Dems, blasts GOP.

    What we should learn from the NFL referee lockout

  • America misses the point about fairness in the workplace.

    Did you lose your NJ pharmaceutical job?

  • Apparently you fall into a sector the Governor wants to help. After the fact.

    Assorted Christie

  • Christie going all drill, baby, drill?
  • Thinks he's a regular guy, not "in the bubble".


  • What gets lost in aid talk for Paterson. (Lowry)

    State's first medi-pot dispensary is delayed in Montclair

  • Hundreds of patients and doctors already registered will have to wait.

    Republican robo-calls take aim at Monroe mayor Pucci

  • Christie working overtime to reap political advantage from average savings to Monroe taxpayer of $25.

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