News Roundup & Open Thread for Friday, Nov. 9, 2012

Yes, people are getting tired of his schtick

  • Opinion: Gov. Christie has just a little too much Jersey attitude.

    Wisniewski & Oliver criticize Christie administration storm-vote plan

  • Will push legislation for early voting.

    Election Day/s

  • Somerset Democrats could be in striking distance for county seats.

  • Interactive map: NJ incumbents easily win.


  • Weinberg: Booker is best choice for 2013.

  • Tom Byrne feeling out gubernatorial run.

    It may be a while for a marriage equality vote in NJ

  • Garden State Equality's Steven Goldstein says Christie should smell the political change in the air and shift his position.

  • A time to call for M.E. ballot or a time to override a veto?

  • Lawmakers struggle with same-sex marriage issue after wins in other states.

    Really? Tony Mack wants to answer questions - in public?

  • Trenton's mayor started his Fall getting arrested, FBI investigation continues, federal case is pending. Now he wants to hold weekly "Ask the Mayor" meetings for people to drop in and chat.


  • Commentary throws Christie a bone.

  • Romney donors pin loss on Christie.

  • Post election: Obama gets a call, Romney just gets an email.

  • Mike Lupica: This is the defining image of the presidential campaign.

  • Christie's Jersey coattails ... or lack thereof.


  • Catania: Can we (finally) begin serious dialogue about climate change?

  • Wall Street agency: NJ has weak safety net to buffer Sandy's financial woes.

  • North Jersey animal shelters & pet adoptions hit hard.

  • Some kids displaced by storm will need to be in new schools.


  • New Jersey's most hated company.

  • Christie & JCP&L seem to differ on when the lights will go on for all.


  • October casino revenues won't be pretty.

  • Oliver, Riley, Singleton, Coutinho & Giblin Praise NJ Voters for OKing $750 Million Bond Issue for Infrastructure.

  • Local governments can do distributed stimulus.

  • Tax credits: NJ's faltering green economy mirrors national trend.

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