Montanans Get the Chance to Stand for Themselves

Ever since the U.S. Supreme Court struck down Montana’s state-wide ban on corporate spending in elections, we’ve been Standing With Montanans in their bid to get a ballot measure that would let Montanans decide whether corporations are people and money is speech. As Amend 2012 activists know, only people are people!

Today there’s great news from Big Sky Country–the Montana ballot an initiative advocating for a ban on corporate money in elections officially qualified for the state ballot. Together with Free Speech for the People, Common Cause has helped gather more than 40,000 signatures to achieve this ballot measure.

Read more about today’s victory at the Stand With Montanans website » (PDF)

“Montana is leading the country in standing up to a wrongheaded Supreme Court ruling, and I think we’ll see other states and cities following close behind,” said Bob Edgar, president and CEO of Common Cause, which is helping to build a vigorous grassroots movement to reverse Citizens United through a constitutional amendment.

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