MN: Winnable races in St. Cloud

(I'm going to be posting a number of these kinds of diaries, during the next couple of weeks.  If "your" race isn't in one, it's not because I don't consider it winnable. Not that anyone should particularly care what I think. I'm just going by what were the closest results, in 2010.)

-  Rep. King Banaian (R-St. Cloud) won the old 15B by all of 13 votes.  This one is as ready for harvesting as it gets;  his new district, 14B, is indexed at D+1. (Yes, I'm getting my district voter indexes from another blogger.  Among other things, I trust his objectivity far more than I do that of anybody in Minnesota's corporate media.  Who wouldn't?)  Banaian is an economics prof. at SCSU, noted for Milton Friedman market fundamentalist rants on the radio and as a blogger.  In other words, he's an ultra-pretentious intellectual featherweight.

You can help his opponent, Zachary Dorholt, here.

-  Sen. John Pederson (R-St. Cloud) is a cookie-cutter Tea Partier, as are most of the occupants of the seats that we stand to regain.  In 2010, he won in the old SD15 by 460 votes.  His new district, SD14, is at R+2.  What with Minnesota's political drift this year (D+12 on a recent generic ballot poll), anything less than R+5, or thereabouts, should be readily attainable.  Or we could even go higher.

You can assist in booting Pederson back into political oblivion via the website of his righteous opponent, Jerry McCarter, here.

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