Minnesotans for Marriage's Nazi Analogy Riles Faith Leaders

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While Minnesotans may differ on whether or not to oppose the proposed Marriage Restriction Constitutional Amendment on next monthapos;s ballot, making analogies to Hitler and the Nazis is inappropriate and off limits, faith leaders said today at a press conference at Hennepin Avenue United Methodist Church. Rabbi Marcia Zimmerman and Pastor Grant Stevensen (who oppose the amendment which would constitutionally ban gay marriage) lashed out at Rev. Brad Brandon, director of Church Outreach for Minnesotans for Marriage, for earlier this month comparing Minnesotans who oppose the amendment to Hitler and the Nazis. Zimmerman, Stevensen and other faith leaders expressed dismay that Minnesotans for Marriage had yet to apologize. "We are shocked at the misuse of Hitler and the Nazi regime in this time in our stateapos;s history," said Zimmerman. "I have to say as the Jewish community, this comparison is never to be used, in any other situation other than speaking about what happening in World War II. This particular issue is important in our community. We have a long history of support for all people. Comparing our deeply-held religious beliefs to the genocide done to our people by Adolf Hitler in Germany and the Nazis, is not only hurtful, but it stops any civil discourse engaged in our state. There is a response needed to all Minnesotans, but an apology especially to the Jewish community."

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