Milwaukee Officer Refuses To Give Badge Number

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Milwaukee police were inching closer and closer to activists who linked arms in the middle of a street and were refusing to budge. The activists were calling for an end to police brutality. The police were trying to remain calm, but one officer responded by exhibiting the same type of behavior activists are complaining about ? pushing the peaceful protesters and refusing to give his badge number when asked. A few police officers had black electrical tape covering their badge numbers. Typically, this is done to honor a fallen officer. However, it is against MPD Rules and Regulations for an officer to not identify themselves when asked by a member of the public. According to the Milwaukee Police Department Rules and Regulations, Rule 4 section 255.00: ?Members of the Department shall give their name, proper rank, and badge number if applicable, in a respectful manner to any person who may request it. This rule does not apply to members of the Department when ????those members are assigned to duty requiring that their identity or another member?s identity be kept confidential.? Most MPD officers? badge numbers are visible, meaning that the officers who covered their numbers were not in a position to keep their identities confidential. One officer with his badge number covered is seen pushing back activists and did not identify himself when asked repeatedly,

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