Mike Rice Roundup: Dodgeball, Sandusky PR & College Ave. news truck overkill

ESPN inescapable on campus: On ESPN's Outside the Lines show - where the Mike Rice story broke yesterday with video outtakes of his physical and verbal abuse of players, both Sen. Steve Sweeney and Garden State Equality's Troy Stevenson were interviewed. I missed most of both - busy day here. But if you saw it, fill us in in comments, and if I can get the video, I'll post that. Much of ESPN's reporting today has been about the investigation of Rice's coaching behavior, who conducted it and who was contacted for it. ESPN was on campus today, and invited Rutgers officials to join them on air, but every invitation was declined, with RU personnel preferring to communicate via written statement.

Buono on campus, too: Here's Ledger video.

ICYMI; Blue Jersey's Top 10 Takeaways from the Rice Mess, and Rice's voice-breaking admission that he's an embarrassment to his kids.

Have you seen the size of us? Former RU player Austin Johnson says players never felt threatened by Rice: "We're grown men. We're 6-8, 250-some odd lbs."

Au Bon Pain blocked? Twitter's alive with RU students complaining College Ave. is stuffed with news trucks and getting anywhere is hell. Lots o' dodgeball jokes on Twitter, too.

Title IX breach? Dr. Nicole M. LaVoi of Univ. of Minnesota, an advocate and researcher of women and girls in sport, wonders if Rutgers will be facing Title IX breach due to harrassment based on gender (via sexist & homphobic language).
Sweeney pins the problem on Pernetti: "I think that's where the embarrassment is." He resisted saying anything conclusive about President Barchi's responsibilities.

Sheila Oliver is talking Assembly hearings on the Rice firing and why it took so long. She also questioned the "cost benefit" of the millions in investment in the  Rutgers football stadium saying the legislature needs to "revisit" its support. Sure sounds like a threat to me.

RU in PR hell: Spectacular ironic timing, Romenesko reports Rutgers is expanding its PR program.

Lautenberg and Holt say this incident demonstrates the need for Congress to pass the anti-harassment bill named for Rutgers' Tyler Clementi.

The Onion has Jerry Sandusky horrified by Rice's antics. But satire aside, was Rutgers' protectionism - till they couldn't get away with it anymore - of its well-rewarded coach a much different PR decision than Penn State's?

Fun Reading: Rutgers Policy Against Verbal Assault, Harassment, Intimidation, Bullying, and Defamation -  Good locker room stuff, and maybe something they should take a peep at in the plush offices of RU's administration.

Chris Christie outta state and LG Guadagno is cutting ribbons somewhere as per their public schedule. But here's Christie's after-the-fact statement on Rice's firing (he did not call for it, before it happened).

Absolute power corrupts ... Fox Sports' Jason Whitlock has this take:

There's an immoral and dangerous power imbalance at the root of all the NCAA corruption.

The athletes, the revenue-generators, the young people deemed too precious to be burdened by the dollars they produce, have absolutely no power and no watchdog institutions looking out for their welfare.

The coaches, the administrators, the men and women showering their kids and their families with the wealth acquired from the labor of shamateur athletes, have absolutely all the power and the fourth estate in their hip pocket.

That's why Rutgers initially thought it could get away with slapping its basketball coach Mike Rice on the wrist for his serial, physically and verbally abusive behavior toward his players.


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