Groupon Offers Handgun Training Post-CT Shooting Spree

Daily deal website Groupon might need a bit of help with their sensitivity training. Apparently they weren't moved enough by Friday's tragic shooting to pull down a gun deal in New Jersey on Sunday - only $85 for an Intro into Handgun Shooting Course!

Here is what you get when you purchase this deal of the day:

NRA-certified instructors lead the three-hour Intro to Handgun Shooting course. After about an hour of teaching safety and marksmanship principles, instructors supervise live-fire training where students get to shoot several types of revolvers and semiautomatic pistols. The schedule slates classes during the afternoon and evening of select weeknights, as well as on select weekends.

"I doubt a New Jersey news organization would be running the same ad this weekend," said Debbie Galant, the director of new media initiatives at Montclair State University. 

Apparently, consumers disagree, as over 600 $85 courses have been purchased so far. 

Groupon wasn't the only organization to run an awkwardly-placed gun ad in the wake of the tragic shooting. The Hearld, a South Carolina newspaper, apologized after allowing an advertisement for a gun sale to appear next to a story about Friday's mass shooting.

The official apology stated:

Dear reader,

In Saturday's Herald, an advertisement for guns was placed on a page near stories and a photograph about the tragic school shooting in Connecticut. Please be assured that this was neither intentional nor the fault of the advertiser, Nichols Store.

Advertisements are usually placed days before the newspaper lands on your doorstep. In this case, the advertisement in question was placed Thursday morning.

But we at The Herald should have recognized the unfortunate juxtaposition of the advertisement with stories and a photograph about gun violence.

Multiple editors worked on the page and should have noticed the problem. We all made a terrible mistake, and for that I apologize.

Please know that we will continue to strive to bring you a newspaper that is reflective of our community, insightful and sensitive to its readers.


Paul Osmundson


We reached out to Groupon for a comment or similar apology, but they have not yet responded to our request.

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