Fox News Thinks Preschool Education is 'Immoral'

President Obama called for making access to preschool universal for four-year-old children, a program that would help states fund more preschool programs. However, the hosts on Fox News seem to dismiss universal preschool as a government "goodie," despite study after study showcasing its effectiveness. 

On Friday's Cavuto on Business, Fox Business host Gerri Willis explained that it's "immoral" for President Obama to propose universal preschool education, because "we don't have the money."

Fox Business host Stuart Varney has also pilloried this proposal, concluding that it is designed to "hand out the goodies" to future voters. Meanwhile, Fox & Friends co-host Steve Doocy questioned whether children will benefit from preschool education past childhood.

Not surprisingly, Fox News political contributor Karl Rove also piled on the pre-k attack wagon, despite the fact that investment in pre-k education returns more money than it costs.

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