Alex Jones is Already Calling Shots at US Capitol a False Flag Attack

As news spread of shots fired near the U.S. Capitol building, conspiracy theorist Alex Jones immediately began speculating that the shooting at the U.S. Capitol could be a staged event. Jones has repeatedly promoted outlandish and false conspiracy theories, which has not dissuaded conservative media outlets like The Drudge Report and Fox News from promoting his ideas.

Responding to reports of shots fired on his October 3 broadcast, Jones suggested that "they're pulling a big distraction on us," and to "look for them to stage a bunch of stuff" because "everything the globalists do is falling apart right now."

JONES: Shots fired, U.S. Capitol. Oh, they're - they're pulling a big distraction on us. We're going to go to break, I just cancelled our guest coming up so I can get to everybody's calls. Frank, I appreciate ya. We're going to get to everybody else and cover these shots when we come back.

But, look for 'em to stage a bunch of stuff. Pieczenik, who's really got his ear to the ground, he says the Navy Yard was a staged event, and he has sources. So, look for more of that to happen very very soon to change the subject because everything the globalists do is falling apart right now.

Jones recently claimed that the shooting at the Washington Navy Yard might be a staged event. In the past, Jones also has promoted the conspiracy theory that the bombing of the Boston Marathon was a government operation, and is the foremost proponent of the claim that the 9/11 terrorist attacks were "an inside job." 

While Jones' theories are outlandish, they often receive promotion among the right wing media including by Fox News. Earlier this year, Matt Drudge declared that 2013 would be the "year of Alex Jones."

Jones' widely debunked conspiracy theory that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has been stockpiling weapons and ammunition in order to either commit a coup against the United States or to drive up ammunition prices and keep it out of the hands of American citizens recently spurred the Republican-led House of Representatives to investigate and introduce legislation in order to prevent DHS from stockpiling ammunition.

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