Mark Zuckerberg, Why are you raising money for Chris Christie, the man who vetoed ME in New Jersey?

It's a good question, don't you think?

Next month, Facebook's Zuckerberg (and benefactor to Newark Schools) is hosting Gov. Christie at his Palo Alto house, to raise money for our Governor's re-election campaign.

Now, that's Palo Alto, California, a state where a majority of people support marriage equality - just like New Jersey. Zuckerberg is a newlywed himself, and bride Priscilla is the co-host of the Christie funder, believed to be the very first time Zuckerberg has ever opened his home to raise money for a candidate. I'd be shocked to my shoes if more than just a few of Zuckerberg's personal friends, Facebook employees and hell, Facebook friends were among the people working against the LGBT rights movement.

And Christie? Last year, New Jersey saw astonishing movement in the NJ marriage equality movement, as Senate President Steve Sweeney reversed his prior reticence and became a leader in the legislature on this movement, helping to pass measures in both houses so that the NJ Legislature could finally catch up with its constituents on this issue. But Christie dashed the hopes of hundreds of thousands of my gay friends and neighbors when he exercised his veto on it.  

Does that even fit with the company you built, Mr. Zuckerberg?In 2010, Facebook made national news for compensating LGBT employees for the additional cost of benefit-related taxes borne by same-sex couples, taxes that opposite-sex married couples don't have to pay. Now, that is forward thinking.

Garden State Equality's members, both gay and straight, cannot understand why you would look to make somebody like Gov. Christie your ally, why you would work to return him as governor, a politician who would deny equality to so many of our families.

And you're going to hear from us - we have a lot of people, and we have some mad social media skills, too.

First person you're going to hear from is Garden State Equality's new chair, Troy Stevenson:

Mr. Zuckerberg and Facebook have made major strides in the past few years, turning the world's largest social network into a more open and inclusive place for the LGBT community. We find it deeply disappointing that now he chooses to support Governor Christie in his mission to suppress our rights. Let's be clear - Gov. Christie is the sole reason that New Jersey does not have marriage equality. Mr. Zuckerberg should know that every dollar donated to Gov. Christie is a dollar donated to keeping LGBT families in their current status as second class citizens, denied the fundamental freedom to marry the person that they love. I urge every New Jerseyan who believes in equality to reach out to Mark Zuckerberg, and ask that he refuse to support Chris Christie because he does not support marriage equality.

Troy is a lot nicer about this development than I am. When I heard about it, my post was titled  Hey, Facebook. You Suck.

** Heads-up, disclosure time: I'm on the board of Garden State Equality, which is made up of a broad spectrum of New Jerseyans recognizing families with gay parents, and the right to marry for all our couples in love. I'd be writing about this, even if I wasn't.  

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