Democrats to AL Governor: 'Surely A Doctor Would Want to Extend Health Care to Citizens'

During a speech to the Madison County Democratic Women on Thursday, Alabama Democratic Party Chair Mark Kennedy urged Governor Robert Bentley, a board certified dermatologist, to join other Republican governors and expand Medicaid access:

"Even the bald-headed Governor of Florida is doing it.  Even the finger-shaking governor of Arizona is doing it. So, if you said you've got finger-shaking Governor over here, you've got a bald-headed Governor over here, and you have a doctor Governor here.... Now, which one of these three is going to expand Medicaid?

If you were on "The Price Is Right" or one of these game shows, it would be easy.  You'd say: 'The doctor for $200!' because surely a doctor would want to extend health care to citizens."

While Judge Kennedy is always good with a quip, he was quite serious when he described the detrimental effects Bentley's decision will have on Alabama's medical care system and economy:

"The jobs this would create.  Go talk to the President of UAB and see what he thinks about expanded Medicaid.  It is a job creator.  You could build ten Airbus plants and not accumulate as much benefit to the state as the jobs it would create.

You go talk to the folks down in Elba, AL because their hospital's closing.  They're going to have to drive to Troy if there's an emergency.  Look at what's going to happen to rural health.

We support the concept of this state accepting an opportunity to expand Medicaid."

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