Madame Poot on Christie's Revenue Projection

For the first three months of the State's fiscal year the Treasury Department reported today that its revenue collections were $175 million (4%) below budget. It recorded a meager increase of 1.9% above the same quarter last year.

Our governor continues to maintain his record of inaccurate and over-optimistic revenue projections. And he is the person who is responsible for certifying state revenue figures to be used in each year's budget.

Thinking that possibly Christie consults a poor quality fortune teller to create his revenue projection, I decided to visit with Madame Poot, an internet Fortune Teller extraordinaire:

  •  My question: Is Christie's projection accurate? Her response:"I don't think so."

  •  My question: "Where does he find his projection?" Her response: "Closer than you think." So possibly Christie consults with Christie to arrive at the number.

  •  My question: "What should our revenue projection be?" She responded "Trust your intuition. You know the answer." Well my intuition is that it will be closer to 2.5% than the 7% figure Governor Christie has conjured.  

    Senate Budget Chair Paul Sarlo (not known to consult Madame Poot) says, "With unemployment close to 10 percent, a mortgage foreclosure crisis, and amidst downgrade warnings from Wall Street, it would behoove this governor to spend more time at home working on problems here in New Jersey."

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