LTE: Free Staters go too far

I am a candidate for the NH House in Hillsborough County district 39: Deering, Goffstown and Weare. My Republican opponent is Free State Project member and 2011 NHLA 'Legislator of the Year' Mark Warden.

 The Free State Project has disturbed me for years, for a number of reasons. I've tried to peg it down in a letter to the editor, published in today's Concord Monitor:

Free Staters go too far

I instantly fell in love with New Hampshire when I moved here in 2002. The combination of natural beauty and frugal Yankee pragmatism got me. I'm here for life.

I moved here for work, not part of a Yale graduate student's sociology experiment. Such is the journey of Free State Project members. The group's goal is to move 20,000 libertarians to New Hampshire, get them involved in politics and change our state to their ideals.

Many are already here. Eleven known Free Staters running as Republicans were elected to the New Hampshire House in 2010. This is partly why I'm running for state representative in Deering, Goffstown and Weare. After all, we are New Hampshire and we can govern ourselves.

I'm not suggesting all Free Staters think alike, or everything they do is bad, but their adherence to libertarian ideology guides their votes and often goes too far. For example, their ideal solution for the marriage equality question was HB 569, which would have eliminated all marriages and replaced them with domestic unions.

In another example, HB1511 would have loosened restrictions on convicted felons possessing weapons. The sole sponsor of this bill was my opponent, Rep. Mark Warden, and eight of 58 favorable votes were from the 11 Free Staters.

Loosening restrictions on convicted felons possessing weapons? Eliminating all marriages? That's not New Hampshire; that's going too far. Imagine what happens when 20,000 Free Staters move here, get elected and vote!

If elected, I'll vote for New Hampshire common sense instead.

AARON GILL - Deering

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