Loosen and Simplify the Gun Carry Law; only two provisions needed

Simplify the gun carry law to two simple provisions.

Only allow carry permits for persons not convicted of a violent crime in which a gun was used.
Any person caught with a gun in his possession who has snorted, injected, ingested, or in any way had introduced into his body a substance such as heroin, and drugs like it, cocaine, any drugs like it, caffeine, or any drug like it, nicotine, any drug like it, testosterone, or any drug like it, sedatives, sleeping pills, alcohol, codeine, or any drug for weight loss, depression, or any psychiatric condition would be subject to prosecution if any, even small amount, is found in their blood, tears, hair, saliva, urine, semen, or such smell emanates from mouth, any orifice or opening, or pores must serve a mandatory ten years in solitary confinement, afterwards ten more years on probation, and cannot for remainder of their lives live within twenty miles of a sentient species if convicted.

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