Linda supports the GOP war against women

Nice to see what side Linda McSham is on when it comes to the Republican's on-going war against women

"McMahon can't run away from the Republican Party or her own partisan agenda that is ripped right out of the national Republican playbook, complete with massive tax giveaways for millionaires like herself, cuts to Medicare, education, job training and veterans services,'' Murphy spokesman Ben Marter said.

McMahon, Marter said, supports "the Romney-Ryan plan to gut Medicare and the Blunt amendment, which would deny Connecticut women access to birth control and basic health care services from their employers." The amendment would have allowed employers to deny health care coverage for contraception and other medical benefits that they oppose on religious grounds.


McMahon would have "reluctantly" voted for the Blunt amendment, [McMahon spokesman Todd] Abrajano said, "but not because it had anything to do with birth control.''

"For Linda, it was more about religious freedom and overregulation of business. The Blunt amendment would have alleviated those two concerns for her."

Religious freedom? The Blunt amendment would allow ANY employer to opt out of providing birth control and ANY health services to women due to "moral objections"...ANY employer.

Have a objection to providing women services such as HIV or HPV screening, prenatal sonograms, or any vaccine due to "moral or religious" grounds? Well don't fear, the Blunt amendment give you the green light to deny that coverage.

In short, the amendment is the most outrageous attack on the rights of women in recent memory...and McSham is in support of the proposal.

Upon learning what side McSham stands when it comes to women's rights, the Chris Murphy campaign came out swinging.


"The Blunt Amendment would deny women access to birth control and basic health care services like mammograms and cervical cancer screenings from their employers-and Linda McMahon supports it," said Murphy spokeswoman Taylor Lavender. "McMahon says she's pro-choice, but she's not. Her support for the Blunt Amendment would cut off access to critical non controversial health services for tens of thousands of women in Connecticut."

According to the New York Times "The amendment...would have allowed any employer or insurance company to refuse coverage for any activity to which they claim a religious or moral objection. That would have meant that any employer who objects to cervical-cancer vaccines could have refused to provide health insurance that covers them. The same goes for prenatal sonograms for unmarried mothers, or birth control, H.I.V. screening or mammograms."

Lavender added, "Linda McMahon has spent the last three years waffling on women's health issues. She supports repealing Connecticut's law to require insurance coverage for birth control, she covets the endorsement of the right wing, anti-choice Family Institute, and now she supports repealing the ban of treating gender as a pre-existing condition. Connecticut voters deserve to know that a vote for McMahon is a vote against women."

Not to be outdone, Connecticut Democratic Party Chairwoman Nancy DiNardo released the following statement...

"Linda McMahon's steadfast support of the Blunt amendment is alarming. The Blunt amendment takes critical health care decisions out of women's hands and would allow insurers and employers to deny women vital health care coverage, like mammograms and cervical cancer screenings, because of personal objections.

Linda and her right wing agenda are the opposite of what Connecticut women want and need. A vote for Linda McMahon is a vote in support of Republicans rolling back the clock on women's rights."

This should give you a better understanding why McSham is busy playing sleight of hand with her PR stunt against Murphy...we know that avoiding questions from the media regarding her judgement is at the top of Linda's priority.

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