Kristen Zimmer, Darcie Cimarusti: Couple of Jersey Girls With Something On Their Minds

Well, I guess she told him ...

From a site called The Everlasting GOP Stoppers, Bergen County resident and Jersey City Gay Relationship correspondent for The Examiner Kristen Zimmer lets Mitt Romney have it. Boom. Presented to you as a public service and a little taste of blood as we all get ready for the first presidential debate - on domestic issues -  between Mitt and the President tonight.

A New Jersey Mom: Another Hero of Public Education

Readers of Blue Jersey are well aware of where we stand on public education. What you may know less is how many amazing parents are working the front lines of protecting public education against destructive privatization and the gimmicks and schemes poorly devised by profiteers out to make a buck off NJ kids. But the highly-respected Diane Ravitch, historian of education, policy analyst and Assistant Secretary of Education under George H. W. Bush, hasn't missed all the great work going on in New Jersey. In her must-read ed blog, Ravitch turns the spotlight on Highland Park's own Mother Crusader, Darcie Cimarusti, the link above. In Darcie's own blog, Mother Crusader, she talks about how she feels about Ravitch, and how well-acquainted Darcie's own two little girls already are with with the complex and grown-up discussions in their household about education. That reminds me a lot of my own childhood, spent at NYC Board of Ed meetings and in Mayor John Lindsey's busy office with my own mother, Helen. Go, Mother Crusader, go!

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