Koch-Funded Mercatus Center Embarrasses GMU Yet Again with Laughable Report on "Freedom"

In many ways, George Mason University (GMU) is a fine school, an institution of higher learning that Virginians should be proud of. But in at least one way, it is a cringe-inducing embarrassment. That, of course, is the tremendous amount of money from the Koch brothers that goes to fund climate science denialism, to rail against environmental regulation more broadly, at GMU's far-right-wingnut Mercatus Center, described in The New Yorker as essentially a scam to "take corporate money and give it to a neutral-sounding think tank." Mercatus is very useful to the Koch brothers, of course, because they can count on the corporate/clueless media to cite it as some sort of unbiased, neutral "think tank," when in reality it is wildly biased, and certainly not a "think tank" the way most people would ever "think" of that concept.
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