The know-nothing left undergoes mitosis

Let's say you're part of a small but energetic movement. What's the best way to gain new adherents and political credibility?

If you said, "divide in two," DING DING DING.

We now have not one, but TWO faux-populist write-in campaigns for Governor.

The first is Annette Smith's Gathering Of The Aggrieved, her write-in candidacy opposing wind power, the F-35s at Burlington Airport, "forced vaccinations," EPA-mandated treatment of public drinking water, smart meters, "the school lunch program," and, eh, whatever else ya got.

Now we have an anonymous drive encouraging voters to write in Peter Shumlin for Governor and Bernie Sanders for Senate. A few road signs have been spotted in Montpelier and Burlington, simply urging write-ins for Shumlin and Sanders without specifying why. Well, today I saw a flyer in downtown Montpelier that sheds more light on the mystery. The flyer reads as follows:


Peter Shumlin  

Peter - Listen to us! No Ridge-Line Wind/NO F-35

I guess this is an appeal to those who are upset with Shumlin's positions, but not quite upset enough to abandon his candidacy. Now there's a fine distinction in keeping with the left's long history of nitpicky sectarianism.

The flyer includes no contact info or other identifiers (which might be a violation of election law, if this were significant enough to warrant attention). Hand-written and then photocopied. Possibly coming soon to a billboard near you!

p.s. Yesterday, the Freeploid's Terri Hallenbeck wrote a vtBuzz item about these signs, wondering why they were being posted. If the 'Loid writes a follow-up, I do hope they credit GMD for the scoop. Like they usually don't.

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