Kirk Stensrud and the Slime Machine, Part II

Recently I posted about the slime machine operating on behalf of Kirk Stensrud in the 48A race. It's one in which I have a personally vested interest, as I live in southern Minnetonka, so I've been receiving the slime mail myself, and it's getting worse as the election season heats up.

Take this letter to the editor, for example.

It's this kind of DFL 'leadership' in St. Paul that spent a $2 billion surplus and left us with a $6 billion deficit at about the same time Selcer was 'leading' Hopkins into deeper and deeper debt. We can't afford Selcer's type of 'leadership.'

Keep the adults in charge of the State by re-electing Kirk Stensrud in November.

Degustibus, and all that -- matters of taste aren't matters for debate. Of course, the writer gets his facts wrong: the reason for the large discrepancy is that Hopkins and Eden Prairie report what's called "All Funds Total Expenditures" (which includes building construction and debt service) and Minnetonka and Wayzata only report operating expenditures and excludes building construction and debt service.

Even so, normally I'm not one to issue a proverbial death sentence to the messenger...except when that messenger appears to be a local conservative activist who's more than willing to write letters filled with Republican Party talking points about anyone with a D after their name.

GOP State Sen. David Hann's endorsements page hasn't been updated in a while, but it includes a letter from what appears to be the same source, attacking Maria Ruud in her 2010 race against the same Kirk Stensrud (why Senator Hann included a letter attacking Representative Ruud on his website is perhaps another topic, but I digress). That letter included the same type of talking-points language that the new one attacking Yvonne Selcer includes -- blah blah poll-tested blah blah out-of-control spending blah blah blah, et cetera. Come on, dude -- at least try to make it look like you weren't being spoonfed your talking points by the Stensrud campaign.

Here's the fact of the matter: During her time on the Hopkins School Board, Yvonne dealt with some extremely challenging issues, especially with regard to the district's finances, and handled them with professionalism, aggressiveness, and with little regard for the political fallout. In other words, she focused on getting the job done, something for which many of our tea-infused freshmen state legislators like Mr. Stensrud don't seem to care. Selcer will make a great State Representative for everyone in the district -- something we've sorely lacked for the past two years.

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