Jon Stewart Uses Inauguration Coverage To Illustrate Shallowness of Media

On The Daily Show Monday night, Jon Stewart uses snippets from the actual coverage of the Presidential Inauguration to show how depthless the mainstream media has become, some more than others. These are serious times. We have an intransigent Congress that is putting the nation's credit rating, fiscal soundness, and social safety net at risk, yet coverage seem more intent on giving details that are of no consequence to those listening to the inauguration.

Stewart shows a snippet of how different stations have diametrically opposed narratives on the same image being seen. "MSNBC - Massive crowd here in Washington today. Fox News - Much smaller crowds than we saw four years ago.

Stewart then shows the shallowness of CNN's coverage:

Just a note on what you saw the first lady wearing. We are told it is a Tom Brown coated dress.. and it was custom made for a few thousand dollars...That Tom Brown coat is anywhere upward of three thousand dollars...I think the real tragedy of today is that she has to give that outfit away to the national archive.

Watch the video:

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