Invoking Hitler against Ritchie, or something

Apparently Hitler would have been pleased with Mark Ritchie's efforts to fulfill his constitutional duties and provide truthful titles for the amendments that will be on the ballot this November.

Or something.

Godwin's Law aside, I think it's extra-super-duper hilarious that the political movement from which a 2008 convention page can plan an elaborate and well-funded assassination attempt against the President of the United States can turn around, ignore all thoughts of navel-gazing, and make any kind of argument whatsoever about the motivations of twice-elected statewide public officials.

That plot is a pretty sordid tale, already involving at least one murder and what sounds like a questionable life insurance payout. Plays like the plot of a b-movie, but this was real life. And as usual, these weren't patchouli-loving hippies planning murder and treason, but right-wing activists with twisted, broken worldviews. And the ringleader was a Republican National Convention page right here in St. Paul four years ago.

So forgive me if I laugh a little at "victory" attacks like these against a great Secretary of State. They are smears from a house that's chock full of slime, filth, and people who plan assassination attempts against the President.

As for this year's RNC? Apparently one attendee showed their true colors on race and threw nuts at a black CNN camerawoman, saying "this is how we feed animals." State Rep. Mary Franson would have been proud.

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