Hypocrite? Schock Hosts $75,000 a Plate Fundraiser for the Man who wants to End Medicare

In 2010, the Peoria Journal Star devoted a considerable amount of its front page on a story which was really nothing more than a glorified press release which attacked one of Schock's political opponents for his fundraising.  In this story Schock criticized the President for being "hypocritical" by headlining a $30,000 a plate fundraiser.  If the President was "out of touch" for $30,000 a plate, what does that make a two term Congressman, who hosted a $75,000 a plate fundraiser with Billionaire hedge fund manger, Ken Griffin last Sunday in Rosemont?

The Daily Herald reported that Aaron Schock would be hosting a fundraiser for Republican Vice Presidential nominee Paul Ryan.  Back in 2010, Schock thought that it "seems a bit out of touch with the average, ordinary American citizen who is currently cutting back."  I guess that makes Schock more than two times out of touch.

In reality Schock is in actuality much more out of touch with his consituents.  This two term congressman has already been named as one of The Most Corrupt" members of Congress by Citizens for Responsibilty and Ethics in Washington.(CREW).  CREW's initail report showed that Schock had in the past three election cycles, Schock’s campaign and PAC spent $85,622 on luxury hotels, about half of which were four- and five-star outfits, including the Waldorf Astoria in Chicago, the famed Breakers in Palm Beach, Fla., and the Beverly Wilshire in Beverly Hills, Calif.


The average constituent in the 18th District has seen the hollowing out of good paying industrial jobs leave with de-industrialization to be replaced with lower paying retail jobs like Wal-mart.  The average constituent pays for a P90X with their own money.  The only way the average constituent gets to see the Bevely Wilshire is if it is featured on the Travel Channel.  Also the average constituent doesn't stay in hotel fit for Princess Kate.  The average constituentbuys tconcert tickets with their own money.  Check out this Wash post article for a complete rundown of Schock's champaigne tastes.


Since tonight is the VP debate, I wonder if Paul Ryan will take Schock's fashion advice from this video from TMZ. 

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