Hudak Town Hall Tomorrow

With the close of the Second Regular Session and the First Extraordinary Session of the Colorado General Assembly, State Senator Evie Hudak will be hosting an end-of-session town hall meeting tomorrow morning in Arvada.

From Hudak:

ARVADA --  Evie Hudak (D-Westminster) will host a town hall on Saturday, May 19.  Senator Hudak uses town halls as a way to communicate with the people of Senate District 19.  She welcomes her constituents to participate in the discussion and ask questions.  The event is free, nonpartisan, and open to the public.  

Throughout the legislative session, Senator Hudak worked on vital legislation to help rebuild the economy and get Coloradans back to work.  Notably, Senator Hudak played a key role in revising the state budget to maximize the ways in which it will help rebuild the economy.  Senator Hudak crafted an economic development amendment that directs further funds to the Office of Economic Development and Small Business Development Centers.  Small Business Development Centers help get Coloradans back to work while helping businesses grow and thrive.  With the amendment, the state budget was adopted with a broad margin of support.

Senator Hudak serves Senate District 19 which spans Westminster and Arvada.  She is the Chair of the Senate Transportation committee and a member of the Senate Education committee.

WHAT: Town hall
WHO: Senator Evie Hudak
WHEN: Saturday, May 19 from 10:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
WHERE: Standley Lake Library: 8785 Kipling Street, Arvada

Make no mistake, while Hudak's incumbency may prove to be a liability in today's heated, anti-establishment political climate, there are definite benefits in campaigning for office as a current officeholder. These town halls, for example, help bolster Hudak's name ID and presence in the district under the mantle of non-partisan, community outreach in line with Hudak's responsibilities as a state senator. It's important to note that, while such outreach is markedly non-partisan, it certainly isn't apolitical: the subheading for Hudak's press release, after all, emphasizes that "engaging the public remains a top priority for Senate Democrats." Town halls serve a political purpose under the guise of constituent engagement.  

With the end of session, Hudak's lost the ability to host these town halls as means of updating constituents on current legislative business. To her credit, she's incredibly active in her district, hosting multiple town halls a month both for the public and advocacy groups. Now that there's no pressing legislative business, however, the state senator will no longer be able to use her office in the same way to engage with constituents and potential voters. This "end-of-session" town hall, then, marks the de facto beginning of the Hudak campaign; Republican Lang Sias hasn't been able to host town halls, and now Evie Hudak won't have much occasion to either.  

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