It's refreshing to see the State House Republicans being honest regarding their sham of a hearing on the state's risk reduction credit/early release program.

Following the disclosure at a hearing today that the state failed to properly monitor convicted criminals released early from prison for "good behavior", House Republican Leader Larry Cafero today said the Risk Reduction Earned Credit program should be suspende


Judiciary Committee Republicans (including state Reps. Themis Klarides, John Hetherington, Christie Carpino, John Shaban, Rob Sampson and Bill Simanski) staged the hearing after Democrats and Malloy administration officials refused to explain how the controversial program is administered.

It's astonishing that anyone would take the State House Republicans seriously.

Here's what Mike Lawlor, Under Secretary for Criminal Justice in the Office of Policy & Management had to say about the Republican sideshow.

"The Republicans are just flat out wrong.  We haven't refused to explain anything.  I have personally been in touch with many Republicans on this issue, including members of the Republican leadership and the Judiciary Committee.  What we have refused to do is take part in what the Republicans themselves today admitted is a 'staged event.'  They actually use those words in their own press release.  While we appreciate the intellectual honesty regarding their motivation here, it's clear they're not interested in a serious public policy discussion.  They're interested in playing cheap politics.  If they were interested in a serious discussion they'd know that fewer people are getting out of prison on average today than at almost any other point since 2005.

"Crime is at 40 year lows.  And this program is designed to make sure that crime continues to go down.  It's worked in other states, and it will work here."

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