Hickenlooper Steps Up, Declares Special Session

BREAKING, per Lynn Bartels of the Denver Post via twitter:

Governor Hickenlooper to call for a special session; the agenda includes civil unions.

What a difference 12 hours makes! Meanwhile, President Barack Obama just announced he now favors gay marriage. When it rains, it pours. From the Huffington Post.

From Colorado's State Constitution, Article IV, Section 9 (thank you, David Henderson):

"The governor may, on extraordinary occasions convene the general assembly, by proclamation, stating therein the purpose for which it is to assemble; but at such special session no business shall be transacted other than that specially named in the proclamation. He may by proclamation, convene the senate in extraordinary session for the transaction of executive business."

The official on-line version of Colorado's Constitution has annotations to describe how the courts have interpreted this right.

Bottom line for activists: phone calls, tweets, emails, faxes, and rallies matter. Thanks to all who put pressure on the Governor to move from being one who believes in doing the right thing, and one who uses his executive privileges to lead others in doing the same!

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