Chris Christie Wanted IA Republicans to Know He Was Thinking About Them This Christmas

Prominent Iowa Republicans with no ties to Chris Christie, and no family in Jersey, got some soft-sell promotional material cheery Christmas cards signed from the Christies last month. The cards have two big photos of the Christie family basking in the adulation of his victory night crowd, in case you were wondering if the Governor would be tempted to advertise the boffo victory some of Jersey's more cooperative Democrats helped him secure in November. The cards, full color, carry a paid-for disclaimer from the NJ Republican State Committee.

Inside, the greeting is unabashedly Christian:

May the God of hope fill you with joy and peace in believing ...

No namby-pamby Seasons Greetings for the GOP bigs of Iowa, most of whom seemed surprised to hear from Christie this early. Best part of BuzzFeed's story, though? Spokesman from NJGOP swearing (not really) that Iowa Republican were in no way targeted in the card mailing. Sure. I buy that.


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