Here is how The Weekly Standard is playing the Menendez story

Bear in mind that The Weekly Standard was founded by conservative commentator William Kristol. And bear in mind, too, that Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW), the watchdog group originally contacted by the elusive "tipster" and the group that contacted the FBI as their civic duty given the serious nature of the accusations the "tipster" was making against Sen. Bob Menendez, has serious doubts about the credibility of the "tipster". That's due to his avoidance over 8 months to all requests to speak to the FBI - on the phone or in person - about what he was accusing the senator of. And bear in mind that the first source of the accusations was the partisan Daily Caller website, founded by Tucker Carlson.

I don't know what if anything happened regarding the most serious accusations against Sen. Menendez, the ones that accuse him of soliciting underage prostitutes on foreign soil. I do know that the right wing is very capable of fabrication. I think a headline like this is absurdly premature, given that there's so much about this investigation that isn't yet known.

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