State Pharmacy Board Rejects Complaint by Birth Control Foe

Yesterday, the state pharmacy board rejected an attempt by GOP Executive Council candidate Michael Tierney to block Planned Parenthood from dispensing birth control prescriptions.

Tierney had claimed Planned Parenthood lost the right to fill prescriptions when the Executive Council ended state funding of the clinics in June, 2011. The board rejected his complaint without comment and voted unanimously to renew Planned Parenthood's license.

Tierney, who is running for the Executive Council in the 2nd District, has a long history of opposition to birth control, reproductive rights and legal family planning care in New Hampshire. His opponent, Democrat Colin Van Ostern, applauded the board's action and criticized Tierney for pushing a "divisive ideological agenda."

"Mr. Tierney's push to restrict birth control access and his crusade against Planned Parenthood should not stand between New Hampshire women and their health care, and I am glad to see the pharmacy board unanimously reject his latest complaint," he wrote. "We need a state government focused on jobs and economic development, not pushing this divisive ideological agenda."

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