Happy anniversary Linda

To mark the third anniversary of Linda McSham's laughable, on-going campaign for U.S. Senate, the Connecticut Democraitc Party sent out the following press release:

Three years and close to $70 million later, Republican millionaire Linda McMahon is still trying to lie, distort, kick up mud, say, do, and spend whatever it takes in her desperate quest to pull the wool over the eyes of Connecticut voters and buy this election. Well, it's not going to work.

"Middle class families here in Connecticut understand Linda McMahon's history of gaming the system at the expense of the middle class, they know about her plan to cut taxes for millionaires like her, and they know about her history as a wrestling tycoon laying off 10% of her workforce while taking $10 million taxpayer-funded giveaways. Republican Linda McMahon can spend every last penny she took in peddling wrestling and taking advantage of her workers, but she can't change the facts."

"Republican millionaire Linda McMahon could have made much better use of her $70 million than her three years of lies and mud-slinging."


9.5 of the $7 Million Tax Cuts That McMahon Could Receive Under Her Extreme Right Wing Tax Plan. [Hartford Courant, 8/31/12]

$33.60 to Each Active Voter in Connecticut. According to an annual report published by the Connecticut Secretary of State's office, the total number of "active" voters in the state is 1,962,905.  [New Haven Register, 7/13/12]

8 ¼ Years Of Work For The 60 People McMahon Laid Off In 2009. The Associated Press reported in January 2009 that "Sports entertainment company World Wrestling Entertainment Inc. said Friday it will cut more than 60 jobs, or about 10 percent of its staff...yielding expected annual savings of $8 million in compensation and benefit costs."  [AP, 1/9/09]

15,000 Employer Health Insurance Premiums, to Help Cover the Hundreds of Workers McMahon Refused to Provide Health Insurance Coverage to For the Next Few Years. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, the average employer contribution for a single premium for employer-based health insurance coverage in Connecticut was $4,390. McMahon and WWE classify a significant but unknown number of their workers as "independent contractors" to avoid paying them health insurance and other benefits. [StateHealthFacts.org, accessed 9/15/12; New York Times, 7/16/10]

1,894 Connecticut Residents A College Education.  The tuition at the University of Connecticut for a resident of the state is $8,712 for the 2012-13 academic year, thus, $34,848 for a four-year education. [UConn.edu, 2012-13]

1,045 Teachers for Connecticut Classrooms For One Year. According to the National Education Association, the average teacher salary in Connecticut is $63,152 [NEA.org, accessed 9/15/12]

1,047 Police Officers to Keep Connecticut Safe For One Year.  The Connecticut Department of Labor's Statewide Occupational Employment & Wages for Q1 2012 show an average salary of $62,995 for police and sheriff's patrol officers. [Bureau of Labor Statistics, Q1, 2012]

1,171 Firefighters to Protect Connecticut's Neighborhoods for One Year. The Connecticut Department of Labor's Statewide Occupational Employment & Wages for Q1 2012 show an average salary of $56,326 for firefighters. [Bureau of Labor Statistics, Q1, 2012]

1,229 Registered Nurses to Care For Connecticut's Sick For One Year. The Connecticut Department of Labor's Statewide Occupational Employment & Wages for Q1 2012 show an average salary of $53,700 for licenses practical and licensed vocational nurses. [Bureau of Labor Statistics, Q1, 2012]

120 More Powerboats for the McMahons to Name the "Sexy Bitch."  Coast Guard records to indicate that the McMahon's boat is a 47-ft power boat manufactured by Fountain Powerboats Inc.  Fountain Powerboats 47' boat is the "Lightning."  According to Powerboat Magazine, the new version of that boat retails at $550,000. In March 2010, the Stamford Advocate reported that the McMahons' boat was named the "Sexy Bitch." [Powerboat Magazine, undated; Fountain Powerboats Official Site, undated; Stamford Advocate, 3/14/10]

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