Perry: Blame the Hispanics for Potential Aryan Brotherhood Crimes? Sure!

Last week, Texas DA Mike McLelland of Kaufman County and his wife Cynthia Woodward were murdered in their home. Only a few months ago, McLelland's assistant district attorney, Mark Hasse, was murdered in a parking lot. Authorities are discovering a link between these murders and the murder of Colorado Department of Corrections chief Tom Clements less than two weeks ago.

The developing connection? The Aryan Brotherhood, a national white supremacist prison gang. McLelland, Hasse and Clements each led charges against the gang and dealt severe blows to their leadership in recent months. The primary suspect in Clements' murder is Evan Spencer Ebel, a known member of the gang.

But Rick Perry wants to blame it on Hispanics. Asked about McLelland's murder on Fox News this Wednesday, Perry gave an answer that will make your blood boil.

We know the drug cartels are very, very active in our country now. It goes back ... to the whole issue of border security and the failure of the federal government to put the men and women, whether they are military or whether they're border patrol or whether working with the local law enforcement, expend the dollars necessary to secure the border with Mexico...That's of great concern. I would suggest to you, it is really at the heart of this issue. You secure the border, then it makes it harder for these individuals to have access into this country as well as it addresses this whole issue that's hanging out on immigration.

Perry's comment is utterly fictional bile that promotes nothing but bigotry and misleads people about the murders. There is growing evidence that these murders are coming out of the Aryan Brotherhood, and no evidence linking them to undocumented Mexican immigrants. Perry is politics at its worst - making up lies to support a narrow political agenda.

Yesterday, Perry offered a $100,000 reward to anyone with information on the Kaufman County murders. But after Perry's terribly misleading comments, it wouldn't be surprising if the reward only applies to claims of evidence against Hispanics.


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