House District Candidate in CO: Mandela, Obama Won Elections Based on Race

HD-35 GOP candidate Maria Weese

According to the Adams County GOP's website, Republicans have found a candidate to run for House District 35, an open seat being vacated by term-limited Democratic Rep. Cherylin Peniston. We don't know much about HD-35 candidate Maria Weese, but what we do know comes from her Facebook page. It's clear Weese has attended lots of conservative public events recently like the Western Conservative Summit, which is a standard prelude to a run for office. And she likes puppies (photo right).

Last December, as most of the world mourned the passing of former South African President Nelson Mandela, Maria Weese had some interesting thoughts to share on Facebook. And by "interesting," given that we're talking about a Colorado Republican legislative candidate and President Barack Obama, we of course mean racially charged and offensive:

Call it for what it is ,

Mandela was a Communist and and Obama is too….

Mandela won an election based on his race Obama won an election based on his race…

Mandela was made famous world wide be media for his Marxist ideology, Obama was made famous world wide for the media hiding his Marxist ideology…

Mandela endured prison Obama endured Michelle….

To summarize what we think is Ms. Weese's point, Nelson Mandela was black. So is Barack Obama. As everyone knows, they both got elected "based on race" and they're both "communists." But don't think about that too hard, instead enjoy this gratuitous Michelle Obama joke! It's all so witty and on-point as a eulogy for Nelson Mandela that we just threw up in our mouths a little.

Republicans may not have a winner in HD-35, but they may have found Nate Marshall's dream date.

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