GOP Congressional Candidate Delays Vote On Collective Bargaining Agreements

State Senator Mike Parry who has insinuated Governor Mark Dayton is a drug addict and also happens to be running for Congress in Minnesota's first congressional district holds a hearing on the state's collective bargaining agreements.

Senator Parry has been keeping himself in the media spotlight as he battles fellow Republican Alan Quist in a primary. The primary vote is next Tuesday.

Senator Parry announced at the beginning of the hearing that there would be no vote on the collective bargaining agreement between the state and the unions today. A DFL member of the committee, Representative Leon Lillie (North St. Paul), objected saying for the past eight years it's been custom for the subcommittee on employee relations to take a vote on the contract once it is presented.

Senator Parry said committee has 30 days to take that vote and plans for a committee vote on August 23, which is one day before a legislative special session on flood relief is expected to begin.

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