FOX31 Investigative News Simulator Stones Truth on Pot

Years ago I gave up on watching the local news channels. The fact that they're still profitable means they must share an audience with the women who keep the toddler pageants on the air. Yesterday, my friend Ty Link, who has been an activist with the MMJ community for years now, was a part of FOX31's "investigative report" on the differences before and after driving while medicated on marijuana.

Please watch the report here, sorry about the Jake Jabs FML commercial-pre.

So while this was aired, I was sitting with Ty, with whom I'd had dinner in the hours preceeding and during which dinner she ranted about how the car simulator was "nothing like a car". She said the pedals were snuff next to each other, she had to request a booster of sorts because the wheel, which was shaped and positioned more like the wheel of a semi, was awkwardly high and distant. She noted that the acceleration and brakes were non-responsive relative to an actual driving experience. All of this resulted in inaccurate, unscientific results that should have tossed out but instead these obvious issues with the simulator were completely ignored and even capitalized upon by the story.

None of this was taken into account by the officer in the video, the wrinkled, talking heads who feel they must inject their idiotic commentary during and afterwards, and of course not the harried, eunuch "journalist" who has an audience to cow, sponsors to pleasure, and a deadline to beat with a stick.

So, yeah, yeah, yeah, shame on FOX31 for representing themselves and this piece as investigative or unbiased. They are evening television quaaludes for the sheep who once every so often mosey over to the voting booth and use the misinformation they've culled from the killing fields of local media to make decisions that effect people about whom they know next to nothing, thanks to our sickeningly inferior media culture.

This evening FOX31 will continue their investigation by showing a segment about drinking while driving in their arbitrary simulator. Joy.

That is all.  

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