Fox’s Gutfeld: 'Sweatshops for Emerging Economies Are for Workers with No Skills'

Fox’s Greg Gutfeld may have discovered the secret to sweatshop success in relation to underpaid workers.

“The left paints this myth that people toil for years on this low-wage job, but no, they don’t. They’re only on that low rung of the ladder for a short time, that’s why it’s low paying and that’s why it’s a low rung,” he said on a recent segment.

Bob Beckel asked how he knew that to be true. Gutfeld retorted, “Because I studied it.”

He continued, “A low paying job has to be low rung in order to get people up on that. If you make that low rung high paying, than the unskilled worker can’t get up there and move up. That’s why the biggest myth of all time is that sweatshops are bad. Sweatshops for emerging economies are for workers with no skills.”

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