First No on 32 Campaign Ad Highlights Special Exemptions

Ad shows that funders of Prop 32 give themselves exemptions

Today, the NO on Proposition 32 campaign released its first TV advertisement of the campaign, highlighting the fact that the same powerful corporate special interests that are funding Proposition 32 are exempt from its carefully-crafted provisions. Watch the ad:

This is simple, Prop 32 claims it will stop campaign spending by special interests, but it exempts those who are funding the campaign. Those special interests will have free reign to give themselves more tax breaks, while the middle class pays the price. Prop 32 is just not what it seems.

But a quick breakdown on what Prop 32 would do. The supporters claim it will get corporate and labor money out of politics, but that isn't even remotely close to being the case. With the rise of independent expenditures, huge amounts of money are tossed about without going to candidates. Yet, Prop 32 doesn't even touch those.

But what it is really about is "paycheck deception." Back in 1998 and 2005, Californians voted down similar measures, but here it is again. Prop 32 goes even further by completely banning paycheck deductions for political purposes, even with express permission. For corporations, that isn't a big deal at all. After all, their money comes from their corporate treasury.  For labor, while political paycheck deductions are already completely voluntary, they are very important. Long story short, Prop 32 is just another means to silence working Californians, while allowing the SuperPAC Billionaires free rein over our governance.

And the fact that the American Future Fund (AFF) a SuperPAC with ties to Karl Rove and the Koch Brothers contributed $4million to support Prop 32 makes this all the more clear. How can you argue that you are trying to create political reform when one of your largest donors is an anonymous SuperPAC?

Share the video with your networks and get the word out about the deceptive Proposition 32.

Note: Brian Leubitz, the editor of this blog, works for the No on 32 campaign. Please like the campaign on facebook or follow on twitter.

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