Fall River's Talk Radio Host Proves Progressive Radio Is Successful

Progressive radio might not have the exposure and coverage as its conservative counterparts, even in Massachusetts, but locally, a one hour mid morning show is putting up a fight to prove progressives on the radio are just as popular and successful.

Every morning at 9:00 AM ET to 10:00 AM ET Ric Oliveira, of Under Reported with Ric Oliveira takes the microphone on AM 1480 WSAR and makes the progressive case on local, national and world issues. Nobody is safe in his critiques, Democrat or Republican.  His biggest foe, though, is not the political parties, but the special interests, the corporate interests who tend to control both political parties at the national level.

He has criticized more government agencies, than probably a conservative would, but his reasoning isn't that the agency is bad like conservatives would, but the people in control of the agency are industry insiders, for example the FDA and Monsanto, and he proves that is not healthy for the American people and it hinders the goals of the given agencies to protect the public.

Ric ensures the show is well rounded, not completely focused on politics, sometimes he throws in the weird news of the day, similar to UFO sightings or the balloon boy.

Oliveira's audience is equally conservative as it is progressive.  Conservatives listen to him to see if they can "catch" something to corner him if they can get on the air and also to see what he'll say next.  This reminds me of Howard Stern,  the people who can't stand him still listen,  just to see what he says next and criticize him for it.  That's Ric!!

If you want to call in, you better start dialing right at 9 am, because if not, your chances of getting on the air are slim to none.  In the hour of his show, there are probably 10- 15 callers that he gets on the air.  This is especially the case on "freakin' Fridays", a weekly Ric Oliveira special edition, where the audience gives out pinicos.  That day the callers are about 25 in the hour that get on the air.

A Pinico ( PIN-EEK) is a Portuguese word for a "pee pot" used to potty train toddlers.  The listeners give pinicos to whomever they want.  They have given it to other callers and some have even given it to Ric himself,  it is an all out pinico fight where nobody is safe.  Even I have been the subject of local conservatives and given a pinico.  I wear it as a badge of honor.  But most of the time, its the politicians, locally, state wide and national that just get hammered with these Ric Oliveira pinicos.

The bottom line is Ric is showing how progressive radio can be successful, he is doing it and is becoming a force to be reckoned with in the radio industry.   His show, Under Reported, belongs on a major market, he can compete with the Boston big guys or even nationally.  Fall River/ New Bedford are lucky to have such a talent on their locally owned station.

If you want to listen to Ric Oliveira, catch him live at 9AM- 10 AM eastern time  on AM1480 WSAR and steaming online right here

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